Campaign Goal:


Top Student

  1. HaleighJane A. (5-Johnson) - $1,700
  2. Aliyah P. (5-Nelson) - $1,210
  3. Natalia L. (6-Foy) - $780
  4. Mackenzie W. (5-Duling) - $750
  5. Jeffrey B. (5-Mullen) - $695
  6. Harlan H. (5-Hansard) - $675
  7. Carson B. (5-Nelson) - $671
  8. Ava N. (6-Roberts) - $651
  9. Andrew E. (5-Scheer) - $645
  10. Hannah R. (6-Howell) - $601

Top Classes

  1. 5-Duling - $4,256
  2. 5-Nelson - $4,026
  3. 5-Hansard - $3,118
  4. 5-Johnson - $3,093
  5. 5-Scheer - $2,990
  6. 5-Mullen - $2,335
  7. 6-Condray - $2,279
  8. 6-Howell - $2,224
  9. 5-Thomas - $2,211
  10. 5-Oller - $2,115
  11. 6-Foy - $1,627
  12. 5-Anderson - $1,381
  13. 6-Van Horn - $1,226
  14. 6-Szurpicki - $1,215
  15. 6-Davis - $1,146
  16. 6-Adams - $1,100
  17. 6-Roberts - $1,071
  18. 6-Griffin - $886
  19. 6-Reiter-Guebert - $782
  20. 6-Zubke - $749
  21. 6-Ryan - $421
  22. PTO - $1

Welcome to the Challenger Intermediate Donation Drive Page!!
Every penny of the funds raised will go towards our goal of Smart Boards for the classrooms.
Without donation drives like this one, none of this would be possible.  
There is no door-to-door selling or delivering of products!
Due to the heavy rain our Splash 4 Cash Party has been moved to
Tuesday Oct 8th from 1:45 to 2:45
WOW!! Our Challenger Family and Friends are AMAZING!! We set a nominal goal of $20,000 and a second goal of $30,000 and have already reached them! Mr. Ryan has dyed his hair blue and is ready to shave his head bald!! Now that we reached our $30,000 goal our Principal Mr. Ryan, 5th Grade Teacher Mrs. Hansard and 6th Grade Teacher Mrs. VanHorn are all going to Kiss a Pig!!  Well Let's Shoot for the Moon, we are setting another goal of $40,000 and if we reach it, all Students and Staff will get an Ice Cream Party!! LET'S DO IT, we have the weekend to make it happen!!

Here is how the Donation Drive works:

    1. Share your page with family and friends to gather pledges and donations!
    2. Donors can pay online or give cash and check donations.  Students get credit for prizes when payments are posted to the websites.
      ** Safety is our number one 
      concern. Door-to-door solicitation is prohibited. Instead, ask family, friends, and co-workers to support students' efforts. Extra forms are located in the office.Donations are tax deductable.
    3. By Sept. 30th 2019 please send all Cash/Check Donations to the school in the provided envelope, make sure students name and teacher is written on the envelope. The sooner the money is turned in the sooner the students receive their prizes!
    4. Students that earn at least $25 in donations will earn Prizes. Prizes are accumulative so the more Donations, the more Prizes !!
    5. Make checks payable to: Challenger PTO.
    6. Wear your Pledge Bandz earned every day to show your accomplishments but don't lose them, you'll need them to receive the events you earned!!


The Top 10 students will get a VIP lunch with Mr. Ryan!!

$25 in Donations- Blue Pledge Bandz plus entered in a drawing to win a game system!!

$50 in Donations- Maroon Pledge Bandz plus attend the Splash 4 Cash Party and watch the teachers soak the students!!

$75 in Donations- Lime Green Pledge Bandz earns you Technology days during lunch on 9-17, 9-23 and 9-27!!

$100 in Donations- Hot Pink Pledge Bandz earns you Technology days during lunch from now until 9-30!!

$200 in Donations- Red Pledge Bandz earns you a reach in to the Pirates Gold Machine to win cash up to $100!!

$300 in Donations- Black/Green swirl Pledge Bandz allows you to Slime Mr. Ryan during the Splash 4 Cash Party!

$500 in Donations- Black/Purple swirl Pledge Bandz earns you a VIP pizza party for you and a friend!!  

$1,000 in Donations- Black/Yellow swirl Pledge Bandz plus a $75 gift card to All Star Sports!!

Plus if we get to$10,000 in donations by 9-23 Mr. Ryan will dye his hair blue and if we reach our goal of $20,000 by 9-30 he will shave his head!!

Our goal is to purchase Smart Boads for the classrooms, our students deserve it!!

Click the picture below to learn more about Smart Boards!